Thursday, July 23, 2015

My List of Good Books

A prelude to my own personal list of good books I created for my reference.

Why did I go through the trouble? 
  1. Well, it was no trouble, it was such a fun project I really enjoyed :) 
  2. There are so many books in this world and we can read only a fraction of a fraction in our lifetime. I've wasted lot of time, money and effort on books that were not really worth i,t or to put in a better way that could have been spent on better books. This specially happens around the month of September :) Next time I go book shopping I'm going to have a book guide!
  3. I have the worst memory imaginable and when I want to remember a book name or a author I'm at a complete loss. Now I have a great reference.
  4. It has been a distant dream to have my own little personal library. It helps to have a good picture what are the must have books in it.
  5. A good book list of one's own is very personal. If I want one I have to create it on my own.
The list is broken down to 4 segments since it's too long. Some of the books included are my additions, but a lot I haven't read and added based on other people's recommendations. There might be few that I'd have to remove eventually.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this invaluable list of books. I refer this to decide the next book(s) that I would buy.